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Aruküla kivi

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Aruküla stone




Location: The distance from Tallinn to Aruküla stone is around 30 km regardless of the route you take. You can choose to drive through Tartu highway (fastest) or through Laagna tee.


Finding it: When coming to Aruküla center pass the Kurvipood (shop) and take the first left to Sügise street. Drive to the first apartment buildings on the right and park the car. The stone can be seen from the Sügise street on your lefthand side towards the factory.


Other remarks: The stone is rather high (5,5 m) and there are fist size rocks at the foot of the stone and a bouldering pad is recommendable. The stone has a good decend using a tree that grows on the backside of the stone.

The place as such is not the nicest as there a fair amount of glass laying around (when visiting the stone, clean away some of the glass and soon there will be no glass laying around) and the nearby factory makes a continous humming sound but the stone has some unusual features such as the arete in one corner and the type of stone is different from many other stones around Tallinn. Therefore, the stone is definitely worth a visit.





# Name Description
1. Love handles Easy route with big handles  Easy
2. Zorro Has the same end as Taarapunkt but the beginning is more difficult  
3. Taarapunkt Relatively easy route with excellent top handles. Easy
4. Sturzflug Small handholds all the way up. Prepare to fall a few times before making it.  


# Name Description
5. Achilles heel Easier alternative of the two routes on the arete  
6. The Incredible Hulk The somewhat tougher alternative. Enjoyable.  
7. Fear Relatively easy, the only thing to overcome is fear Easy
8. No Fear
Easy route although there is no good place to jump to should you happen to fall


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