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ClimbEstonia FAQ




How do I add a new stone or add new routes to an existing stone?

Using these pages is easy. However, before starting to edit the pages I encourage you to try how the different things work in the Sandbox. In case you add a new stone to the site I would appreciate if you would at some point share with me the uncompressed pictures of the stone (below is the explanation why).


Yeah, great but how do I draw my new problems on the existing pictures?

Since the free PB wiki site (=this site) has only 10 Mb of free space we would be quickly running out of space unless the pictures were compressed. For drawing the routes I have used Power Point and then uploaded them to this site (the few Microsoft rebels out there go ahead and use Open Office to do the job). The general process has been rather simple:

1. Importing the pictures to Power Point

2. Optimizing the picture size by: right clicking the mouse -> format object -> picture -> compress -> print resolution (200 dpi). The same compress button can also be found in the Pictures toolbar

3. Drawing the routes on the picture

4. Saving the Power Point slides as JPEG pictures by: save as -> save as type -> JPEG File Interchange Type

5. Upload to ClimbEstonia


In practice you could download the pictures from the site and just complement the pictures with your new routes. However, this might not always lead to the most elegant end result. Should this be the case you can drop me a mail at camel.investor@gmail.com and I am more than happy to send you the high resolution, editable versions of the topo.



Why is my route displayed with a weird name?

Before I say anything else I want to fully acknowledge the fact that there has been a lot of climbing done in Estonia before this wiki.


However, I have not seen topos of the Estonian boulders or found a site where the established routes would have been described. That's why I decided to establish this site - to simply make climbing in Estonia a bit more easily accessible.


Now to the question of naming the routes. If you are the first to have actually climbed the problem, please, change the name of the route to what it should be - remember, anyone can edit the pages. My intention is to create a repository of the different routes in Estonia not to reinstitute my names to routes that people call differently. To be frank, although entertaining route names are part of the climbing scene, I care much more about cool routes than the names.



What if I have a great idea on how to develop the site?

Super! All the help is surely welcome as I'm not planning to make this my day job.




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