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Page history last edited by Mikael 10 years, 12 months ago




Welcome to Climb Estonia!


The What?
The intention of this site is to collect and share information about Estonian climbing possibilities.


For Whom?
This page is open for everyone to benefit from and to complement. This means that you are free to use all the materials on the pages and to add any new stones or routes.


Word of caution 


The erratic boulders are not interesting only for climbers. Therefore climbers should leave no marks of their visit. Otherwise, also other stones besides the Rohuneeme rahn are soon under climbing ban. Beautiful crags and stones have been banned from climbing in other countries as well. 


Why in English?
Since Estonia is a multilingual country + there are some expats, like myself, around who do not speak proper Estonian or Russian I thought English would be the language that can reach the broadest audience. To keep this site understandable to as many as possible, I would like you to see a bit of extra effort and make your updates and modifications in English.


How do add my stuff onto the pages?
Editing these pages is simple. However, if you are not accustomed to editing wiki pages I encourage you to play around for 5 min in here.


How do I draw the new routes?
The instructions on how, in a rather easy way, to draw the routes on the pictures are here.


Anything else?
Above is the short version... in case you want to contribute to the pages, your route is not named here the way it should be, or you would like to develop the site please go to FAQ.


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