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Jaani-Tooma Suurkivi

Page history last edited by Mikael 14 years, 6 months ago

Jaani-Tooma Suurkivi



Location: Jaani-Tooma Suurkivi is about 80 km from Tallinn. Drive the highway from Tallinn to Narva and follow the sign pointing towards "Kolga, Võsu and Loksa". Just before Loksa grocery store and bus station turn right towards Viinistu. After a few kilometers you will come to a junction towards Vihasuu. Turn towards Vihasuu and after 0,4 km you will see on your left a sign for Jaani-Tooma Suurkivi.


Finding it: The Jaani-Tooma Suurkivi is located 0,5 km from the parking lot. It is easy to find as it is out in the open.


Other remarks: Jaani-Tooma Suurkivi is located on an open ground and has practically no moss on it and therefore it dries quickly. Although the ground is open and even there are some stones next to the routes making falls without a bouldering pad a bit dangerous. The stone has a good descend route from it's back; and if you are ready for some higball boulders - the stone is 7,6 m high - there is different type of climbing for you to try: cracks, slab and overhang.






# Name Description


1. Pryg-skok Very painfull skin-slicing holds at the beggining and scary highball finish  7a+/7b






 # Name Description


2. Unnamed Unclimbed project. Follows the overhanging arete, then goes straight up near the Right Parallel. Very hard in the upper part.  -
3.  Left Parallel Same as on the right, some crimps and delicate slab climbing 6b+
4.  Right Parallel The route follows thin crack and some not-so-obvious little crimps 6b
5. Kant Pleasant technical climbing on small crimps and sloping arete... Finally climbed :) 6b
6. Taburetka Sit start. Beware the dangerous fall possibility from the top part of the route, although it may seem easy to climb 6a+
7. Unnamed The route has two alternatives. Easier: by using the larger stone for feet. Harder: not touching the big stone.  
8. Coast to coast A warm-up route  




















 # Name Description


9.  Taiga    6a+
10.  Stalnoj Ochok  Crack/off-width crack route, pretty scary highball finish.  6b








Comments (3)

Roma Morozov said

at 2:52 pm on Nov 2, 2010

А варианты правее "Прыг-скока" очень "жёсткие" по категории?

По вертикальному отколу с переходом на "прыг-скок" в частности.

P.S. Я живу в Кингисеппе(Россия), как возможно с Вами связаться? Уровень лазания: bouldering 7a+, difficulty 7b, trad 4a.

Someone said

at 4:00 pm on Nov 2, 2010

I would say its pretty hard there - no hands, no feet and its negative :)
can do few moves but not hard to make route.
still, considering your level you should go and try.

about contacts there is web page www.kaljuronimine.ee (mostly in estonian)
where is info about whats going on.
but best way to get connected is in person so
come to speed climbing competitions in Rakvere on 14.11.2010
registering and info: marit@nelson.ee

Roma Morozov said

at 4:15 pm on Nov 2, 2010

Да, нужно приезжать и лезть;)

В данный момент у меня нет возможности для поездки в Эстонию, но в обозримом будущем приеду.
За информацию Спасибо.

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