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Lohusalu kivi

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Lohusalu stone



Lohusalu stone is set right a fine sand beach, 3m from the water. It is a beautiful place with no mosquitoes. There are several different type, medium level routes and possibly some hard ones on the side facing the sea.


Location: Starting from Tallinn the shortest route is to drive first towards Keila but to turn at Kiia towards Väänä & Türisalu. From Türisalu continue towards Laulasmaa and make a turn towards Lohusalu harbor. The distance from Tallinn to the stone is about 40 km.


Finding it: When driving the road to Lohusalu, park the car next to "Pansionaat" bus stop, which unfortunately you can see properly only when coming from Lohusalu harbor direction. Once parked, walk along the gravel road, which starts right before the Laulasmaa road sign (see the picture below) and zig-zag through the forest to the beach. The Pansionaat bus stpo and Laulasmaa signs are within approx. 50m from one another.

Parking: Parking on the roadside is not a problem.


Other: Some of the routes have rose bushes growing underneath and long trousers might come in handy unless you flash the routes up.



# Name Description
1.  Chillout  Easiest route on the stone Warm-up
2.  Musculus triceps brachii  Sit start, clear handholds, power move on the top  
3.  Sandwich  Sit start, reachy at the top  


# Name Description
4.  Sunny side up   Easy 
5.  Spearmint   Easy
6.  Thorn buns  One move wonder Easy
# Name Description
7.  Rosemary
 Slab, with clear handholds
8.  Freshly squeezed  Slab with tiny, tiny grimps  



# Name Description
9.  Single digit
The obvious handholds... and up you go
Pretty hard



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