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Location: Majakivi is about 80 km from Tallinn in Lahemaa National Park. Drive the highway from Tallinn to Narva and follow the sign pointing towards "Kolga, Võsu and Loksa". Before Loksa turn left and follow the road until you reach the Lahemaa National Park parking lot (sorry, for not being more precice here - anyone with better driving instructions?).


Finding it: The stone is a ½ hour hike from the parking lot along the "Majakivi rada". As the walking route goes right by the stone, it is easy to find.


Other remarks: As the stone is in middle of a swamp the side effects are: 1) a lot of mosquitoes - take insect repellent with you 2) There is no nice landing in case you fall as the base of the stone is in the water and a few feet from the stone is the wooden walkaway. You need a bouldering pad to climb here.




Majakivi offers tough, mostly overhang routes.





In the corner, left of the ladders is a route, which is more achievable (see the picture below). This seems like the only easier route on the stone.






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