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Page history last edited by Mikael 14 years, 11 months ago




New version of the Google Earth map


A new version of the "Estonian boulders map" file is uploaded. The file contains some new stones and some changes additional info on the stones that were listed in the previous version. The new map can be found from the Maps section on these pages.


Semi-organized bouldering in June


Between 1.6-1.9.2008 every Sunday at 12:00 there is a gathering on the Tallinn, Kristiine Stat Oil parking place (assuming it is not raining). From Stat Oil the "whoever is there at that time" heads to one of the big stones in the vicinity of Tallinn. More info: Oliver, oliver@wildevents.ee. Those without a car have (sofar) always found a place. The original poster is here: http://www.kaljuronimine.ee/index.php?go=file&data_field=thumb&db=picfile&id=34. On Tallinn Kaljuronimisklubi web page there is a discussion forum on the topic: http://www.kaljuronimine.ee/?go=forum&f=4&t=5.



34 m high wall opened at Otepää


The highest climbing wall in Estonia has been opened on the backside of the Tehvandi ski jumping platform, in Otepää. Here is a report and pics from the Nelson climbing club (from Rakvere) who went to take a look at the wall in April http://klubinelson.blogspot.com/2008/04/tehvandi-seina-proovimas.html.


The wall is open from Wednesday to Sunday 10.00-19.00. Contact the viewing platform and climbing wall administrator at +372 53 02 1115 for more info and take a look at www.tehvandi.ee, www.seikluspark.ee.


Price is 100 eek / person / 1 hour for persons with own equipment and a person to belay.



A book of largest stones in Estonia


It might take a good while before this page has all the major stones covered. Therefore you might want to consider purchasing the "Eesti 100 Rändrahnu" book which lists the 100 largest stones in Estonia.

Comments (1)

Michiru Nagatsu said

at 9:28 pm on Jul 14, 2010

Actually, the same authors of 'Eesti 100 Rändrahnu' has published another very similar book 'Hiidrahnud' (Estonian Natural Monument Series), which is better than the former book. It has a overview map of Estonia with the boulders marked on it, and each boulder is introduced with a satellite picture showing the exact location of the boulder. If you don't want to pay 15 euros for that, you can download a similar (but without this feature) book by Enn Pirrus 'Eesti Suured Kivid', from here: (http://www.gi.ee/rahnud/)

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