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Tammispea rahn

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Tammispea Rahn




Location: Tammispea is about 80 km from Tallinn. Drive the highway from Tallinn to Narva and follow the sign pointing towards "Kolga, Võsu and Loksa". Before Loksa turn right on the "Võsu, Vihasoo" sign. Take a left before the Tammispea village on the "Loksa 6 km, Kasispea 4 km" sign and shortly after that a right on the "Tammispea 1,5 km" sign. Alternatively, you can also drive to Tammispea but there you will not see a sign pointing to Tammispea - instead you have to turn left few tens of meters before the Tammispea bus stop and follow the road across the Tammispea village (no shop here, closest in Loksa).


Finding it: Regardless of which direction you approach the stone you will come across a wooden sign in middle of the woods pointing to the Tammispea Rahn. The stone is only 100 m from the road so the treck is not long. Parking: There is room for two (max 3 cars) by the sign.


Other remarks: There is even, open ground around the stone so a bouldering pad is not a must. However, the stone is surrounded by forest from three sides and therefore it takes a while for the stone to dry. The stone has also a good amount of moss on some faces (at least in July 2007) that might cover some routes. The site consists of three stones out of which two are interesting for climbing. The largest stone reaches to almost 8 m height and does not a safe route for decending. Therefore taking a rope along is a good idea. There is an old bolt on top of the big rock - using of it is not recommended.


Warning: Some of the surrounding grounds are bit swampy, so in the evenings moskitoes are just overwhelming. It is highly recommended to have some sort of repellent in abundance!




Below are pictures of Tammispea Rahn. Feel free to add any routes on the pictures.






# Name Description


1. Sipelgas Starts with going up on crack a little and then traverses until you get behind small edge/corner Medium 
2. Mooraha Starts with Sipelgas and continues from its end little further to the right and then up to the edge, by using very small holds. NB! Look out for some small flakes that can get loose Hard 













# Name Description


3. Lepricons This route is located on the smaller stoneStart with obvious handholds on the ledge/crack, traverse right and then go up. (would be good idea to clean off some moss from top to make ending little more safe) Medium 







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