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Tammneeme Tiirukivi

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Tammneeme Tiirukivi



Location: Tammneeme Tiirukivi sits in Tammneeme, on the tip of Viimsi peninsula. The drive time to the stone from downtown Tallinn is approximately 30 min and distance about 20 km. The fastest route to reach Tammneeme Tiirukivi is from downtown Tallinn to drive past Pirita towards Viimsi, at Ranna tee drive all the way to its end and follow Randvere tee until you come to Tammneeme tee.


Finding it: The coordinates are:   59°32'16.6"N 24°53'45.2"E. On the first visit it pays to make a short stop on the lookout where the Tammneeme tee practically touches the sea. From here you can you can see the Tammneeme Tiirukivi some 400-500 m further North on the coast. From the intersection of Tammneeme and Luhaääre walk 100m. Turn right towards the sea just before what used to be a cow barn and walk across the meadow (see the illustration below).


Parking: You can leave your car on the lookout or drive it a bit further to the intersection of Tammneeme tee and Luhaääre tee (there isn't really a perfect place to park the car but I have found the shoulder after the intersection to serve the purpose).



Other remarks: The stone is 5,5 m high and has a good decent route. The ground around the stone is practically all grass. Therefore, you can go climb even without a bouldering pad. The stone sits right next to the shore and it dries quickly. However, the stone is only some tens of centimeters above the sea level and even on a normal day the ground around the stone is moist enough to make the soles of your shoes a bit slippery. The stone is in a beautiful place and offers good range of problems starting from rather easy to more advanced ones. The stone has some beautiful, not medium level cracks on the side facing the sea. The height of the stone gives a bit of extra suspense even to the easier routes.


The best season for visiting is spring and early summer because later on the (stingy kind of) vegetation already becomes somewhat of a nuisance.


This stone is the best or at least one of the top-3 stones in Tallinn area.






# Name Description
Tougher than your mom Small footholds in the beginning, big handholds (hope you can reach them at start)  
2. Not your mom Small footholds in the beginning, a bit crimpy... but still relatively easy once you get the technique right  
3. Little sister If you are baby sitting, bring your little sister over and let her climb this while you are trying some harder routes  




# Name Description
4. Hang on bro! Sit start. Excellent handholds, challenge for beginners (and for shorter climbers), easy for medium level climbers.  Medium-
5. - Potentially a route. Beginning of the route is (still?) unclimbed. Further up the crack is good and this can be accessed by moving to the route from the first handholds of "Your ucle on crack".  
6. Your uncle on crack Difficulty can be adjusted up by choosing not to use the footholds in the ”Step dad” crack.  
7. Step dad Uses only handholds in the lower crack. A bit more difficult than "Your uncle on crack"  
8. The annoying cousin A nice technique problem in the beginning. Medium
9. Grandpa got lucky Shares a handhold in the start with the "annoying cousin". Challenging but doable route for a medium level climber Medium+
# Name Description
9.  Grandpa got lucky Shares a handhold in the start with the "annoying cousin". Challenging but doable route for a medium level climber  Medium+
10. Jump-pa Jump to the handle and wiggle your right toe up. Medium




# Name Description
11. Stand right  Getting to the route is half of the challenge.  Easy



# Name Description
12. Your grandma Easy route - the easiest on the stone Very easy 
13. Spinal tap Stay on the face of the stone until you top the route. Medium
# Name Description Difficulty
14. Someone's pickle  


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